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Track and optimize your online business with Metric Mouse. Your Google Analytics data presented in a easy yet powerful way.
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Get to know your customers

We bring together everything that’s required to understand your traffic, and improve your apps and websites. We strip away the complexity from Google Analytics, and show your data in a simple and friendly interface.
How many visitors did you have this month? Where did they come from? What did they read? With Metric Mouse, you'll have the answer to all those questions on a single page.

top content

See what content performs best

Know what pages your customers visit most, so you can take the proper actions. Focus more on that kind of content, or advertise the other content more. That's up to you.


See how customers find you

Know where your customers come from, so you know on where to market yourself.

Why Metric Mouse

Metric Mouse works with data that you already have.

Use your existing data
We work with Google Analytics, we don't replace it. Thereby you get to work with all your current, future, and historical data.
No complicated setup
Login with your Google account, and get started. No complicated technical integrations are needed.
Fast dashboard
We remove the complexity that comes with the Google Analytics interface, and offer a fast and smooth user experience.
No bloat
We don't bury the obvious data under all those enterprise level metrics. We keep focus on the things that matter most.

Devices and browsers

See what devices your customers use

Know where how your customers view your site, so you know where to optimize.
Device Type
a map of earth with markers placed on it


Choose transparency, share your data publicly

Your dashboard is shareable. Your data is private by default, but you can choose to be transparent and allow anyone to see your stats.

Getting Started

Getting started with Metric Mouse is easy.

1. Sign in with Google
Login, and get started. Completely free while we're in beta.
2. Select your Site
Choose the Google Analytics profile that you would like to see.
3. See your stats
Your Metric Mouse dashboard will show you the data right away.
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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does this work for all websites?
Yes, any website that you can access in Google Analytics can be shown in Metric Mouse.
How long do you store my analytics data?
We cache your requests between a minute and a day, depending on the applied filters.
Do I need to embed code in my website?
No, simply login with your Google Account and start exploring. No separate integrations are required. However, you do need to keep your Google Analytics tracking code installed.
Why is Metric Mouse free?
We are a new platform, and believe that you should have a way to explore your own Google Analytics data. We'll be adding more features over the upcoming months and some of them might be added as payed addons. Till then, it's all free.